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Riva Rama Model Boat


Riva Rama Model Boat



Certificate of Authenticity

Riva Rama

This certifies that the accompaying ship model is meticulously handcrafted, using hgh-grade wood and plank-on-frame construction that replicates historic shipbuilding methods.

Hull: 126 hours, Details: 30 hours, Paint & Polish: 122 hours

Total Build Time: 278 hours, not counting hundreds of hours in research

The name Riva is synonymous with elegance, class and premier European craftsmanship. Carlo, would be the figurehead of the Riva Speed Boating legend. In the 1950s, Carlo Riva began to produce elegant wooden speed boats of unquestionably superior style and quality. The Riva Aquarama was the undisputed flagship of Riva’s line. Becoming more than just a boat, the beautiful Aquarama was a social ymbol of the highest class, style, wealth, and most notably, power. Based on the Aquarama, the Riva Rivarama is a supreme class open cruiser and a design masterpiece. Every detail on the Riva Rivarama is beyond expectional and she provides tremendous comfort and an abundance of options over her entire 44 feet of length. Again, Riva accentuates the use of exotic and precious materials, as is customary fo rall of the speedboats, the most luxurious of their class.

This is a once-off item and is an in store purchase only item if available.